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Toyota FT-86 3

New 2013 Toyota FT-86

There was also the time that the Geneva Motor Show we see the long-awaited new models, one of them from the factory Tojota.U Geneva-Toyota is presented in a long-awaited FT-86 concept, which provides open access to 86 GT convertible. What it is characterized by a well-known exterior and soft top with integrated rear windshield.

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Bora 2013

New Volkswagen Bora 2013

Unexpectedly released a new model of Bora!
Volkswagen’s China market made ​​available Bora 2013 model which is based on the company’s PQ35 platform. Model Bora has a good sale in China, where next year’s model borrows some of the stylistic elements of the Jetta for the U.S. specifications.

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Audi R8 V10 4

New Audi R8 V10 plus

Besides the regular-ovanih facelift models for 2013. year, Audi has also announced a new version of the R8 V10, called V10 Plus. As its name suggests, this option is at the top of the range V10, but not faster than normal V10 models.

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Subaru 4

New Subaru XV Crosstrack crossover 2013

Subaru is the car show in New York unveiled a brand new 2013 XV Crosstrack crossover model. This surprisingly attractive new model drive comes from a 2.0L Boxer engine that provides moderate power and 148ks which is paired with a five-manual transmission.

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honda-fit- 4

New Honda Fit

Honda Fit is a city car. Yet for those riders who like a little fast driving this car and they can provide. However in some detail the designers have failed but this is a good car.

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2012-Honda-CR-Z 4

Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z is a fantastic car! Excellent dinzajn, interior decoration is top notch … This is simply a beautiful car! Look at these pictures and decide for yourself dal speak the truth.

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