New Subaru XV Crosstrack crossover 2013

Subaru 4

Subaru is the car show in New York unveiled a brand new 2013 XV Crosstrack crossover model. This surprisingly attractive new model drive comes from a 2.0L Boxer engine that provides moderate power and 148ks which is paired with a five-manual transmission.

Subaru 1 290x190

This transmission is equipped with second-generation Variable Lineatronic Continoiusly technology that transmits power to all four wheels of the vehicle. For the 2012 XV Crosstrack will be provided two lines of equipment

Subaru 2 290x203

Premium and Limited. Premium model features mutifunkcionalni screen showing information on fuel economy and security system with engine immobilizer. Limited version features leather upholstery, automatic air conditioning, a camera to record behind the vehicle, 4.3 “display and automatic lights.

Subaru 3 290x190

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