Nouvelle Ford Mondeo 2013

Ford Mondeo 2013 4

Ford a présenté a complètement new élégant modèle Mondeo Ford to go autres événements of this marque. Ce modèle apporte a new conception and new niveaux of options intérieures niveaux de prime.

Ford Mondeo 2013 290x209

Built on Ford’s global platform CD segment, Ford reworked the new Version of the main model will be in derogation version with cinq portes and a hatchback, which will only be available in L'Europe. Aussi, this modèle will be available in a Version with quatre portes and it will also be the first in the segment that owns the gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain.

Aussi, this modèle will be the first in its segment equipped with a 1.0L powertrain, Moteur EcoBoost, which was named International Engine for 2012. année.

Ford Mondeo 2013 1 290x206

Cette is a premium Ford Mondeo model ever built, and at the same time the most premium vehicle that is loyal European customers ever offered, according to Bob Samardzich, Vice President, Product Development, Ford of L'Europe.

The vehicle features a sleek, sportif and highly expressive interior. Le new roof line of this model reinforces the sporty coupé profile while retaining a spacious and practical interior design and incorporation uvlačivog sunroof gives a special charm wagon version.

Ford Mondeo 2013 2 290x206

Ford Mondeo is the first Ford model that traits the front light clusters with LED lights for long, low beam and parking lights. These lights are more durable, fuel-efficient and at the same time fournir much better illumination.

The all-new Ford Focus four-door HEV is the first hybrid passenger car the entreprise in L'Europe, and it combines specially developed 2.0L petrol engine with a 35kW lithium ion battery to fournir better économie de carburant and lower CO2 emissions.

Selon to the first time around when it vient to the Ford Mondeo will be offered a Version with permanent four-wheel diesel engine and providing superior traction and handling.

Ford Mondeo 2013 3 290x208

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