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Golf VII

New Volkswagen Golf VII

One of the more popular models in Europe all the time changing its destination. Volkswagen Group has confirmed that it will build a seventh-generation Golf in the Puebla factory starting from the first quarter of next year. This version will be sold in North and South America. The decisions were VW intends to increase its market share in North America.

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Bora 2013

New Volkswagen Bora 2013

Unexpectedly released a new model of Bora!
Volkswagen’s China market made ​​available Bora 2013 model which is based on the company’s PQ35 platform. Model Bora has a good sale in China, where next year’s model borrows some of the stylistic elements of the Jetta for the U.S. specifications.

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2013-VW-Jetta-Hybrid 4

New VW Jetta Hybrid 2013

Volkswagen recently announced that the 2013 Jetta Hybrid was unveiled in the U.S., where the “ecological” model will be available at a price of about 20,000 euros. According to the German manufacturer, 2013 VW Jetta Hybrid will be available later this year to customers in the United States.

Vw passat 4

Volkswagen Passat in America reaches new highs

German manufacturer Volkswagen has announced that the popular Passat model in the American version broke the previous record in terms of sales achieved 2,001th year. Then, the company has sold 77,523 units, while this year the company sold 77,524 units so far.

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VW plans to sell 10 million drivers by 2018

Future plans Volkswagen is not only a desire to include the company become a leading automobile manufacturer in the world market, but also sold ten million cars by 2018. year.

New Volkswagen Beetle 2013 4

New Volkswagen Beetle E-Bugster 2013

At the Motor Show in Geneva Volkswagen presented the company E-Bugster, fully electric model as the basis for a new VW Beetle. This model is characterized by a lower roofline, narrow windows and wide windshield.

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